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Human Pancreatic Cells Wild Type

DefiniGEN Wild Type Pancreatic Cells

DefiniGEN pancreatic beta cells are generated using human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology and the resulting cells display a robust Glucose Sensitive Insulin Secretion (GSIS) response over a range of physiologically relevant glucose concentrations and exhibit an elevated GSIS response to key reference drugs in a similar manner to primary human pancreatic islets. The pancreatic cells can be grown in monolayer or they can be conveniently cultured as microislets which resemble primary human pancreatic islets in structure and function. The cells are available for key applications including Diabetes drug discovery and Diabetes research. The continual supply of Def-PANC WT cells enabled by iPSC technology ensures that clients do not encounter supply issues often associated with fresh human beta cells.

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Typically 5-10 million viable cells
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Drug Discovery

Monolayer Culture

The Def-PANC cell products are highly functional human induced pluripotent stem (hIPS)-derived pancreatic cells. Yamanaka iPS technology in combination with fully defined differentiation conditions enables the generation of standardized populations of pancreatic cell products. Through a 25 day differentiation process the cells proceed through key developmental stages ultimately producing functional pancreatic cells.

Monolayer Culture

Figure 1. When grown in standard laboratory 96-well plates Def-PANC cells show typically tight-packed pancreatic cell morphology (A) and a high proportion of C-peptide secretion (green) from beta cells (B). Panel C depicts DAPI staining of nuclear DNA (blue) as well as C-peptide (green).

Microislet Formation

When grown on 96 well low adherent plates the Def-PANC cells aggregate and form microislet structures of similar size to primary human islets.

Microislet Formation

Figure 2. Microislet formation of Def-PANC in low adherent plates.

Functional Analysis

The cells exhibit a GSIS (Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion) response comparable to primary islets and they have also demonstrated a dose-dependent response to well-known secretagogues such as GLP-1 and Exenatide.

Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion Assay

Glucose stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) for islet-like structure thawed from a cryopreserved vial in 96 low adherent well plates.

Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion Response

Figure 3.  Left hand panel shows GSIS assay for Def-PANC cells stimulated with low and high concentrations of glucose only. Right hand panel overviews GSIS response of Def-PANC cells stimulated with low and high concentrations of glucose and exenatide. Low glucose concentration 1.6mM, high glucose concentration 16.7mM, exenatide concentration 25nM.

Detection of pancreatic INS gene expression marker by qPCR

Insulin Gene Expression Marker Analysis

Figure 4. Insulin gene expression marker analysis for Def-PANC cells thawed from a cryopreserved vial in 96 low adherent well plates and cultured as micro-islets.


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