Dr Filipa Soares - Definigen

Dr Filipa Soares

Director Strategic R&D

Filipa heads R&D activities and manages product to market operations. She is also responsible to identify strategic collaborations and oversee custom projects delivery. She has 11 years of experience in Product Development and R&D in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine and development of cell culture bioreactor processes with several publications. Filipa holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge where she worked in primary cell isolation, iPSC reprograming, scale up and differentiation into pancreatic progenitors. She co-stablished the Sanger Cellular Genetics hiPSC platform for large scale hiPSC reprograming and developed automation protocols for iPSC handling. She has extensive knowledge in hiPSC-differentiation into pancreatic, hepatocyte and intestinal organoids. Filipa has managed several grants such as the EBiSC European Stem Cell bank partner and Innovate UK grants.

Dr Filipa Soares - Director Strategic R&D at DefiniGEN