Patient-Derived iPSC & Custom Cell Lines

It is known that genetic variability in donors can influence the capacity of donor material to generate truly pluripotent lines that can effectively differentiate in to “end” cell types. DefiniGEN projects are structured to ensure the client receives their desired custom cell disease model by using multiple donors and clonal lines with the lines being assessed and ranked at each stage to ensure that the best line is used in large scale custom cell model production.

  • DefiniGEN can source a disease patient sample for iPSC line generation or use an existing iPSC line from a range of cell banks
  • Client receives fully differentiated rigorously QCed cell products which are genotype and phenotype verified in a highly relevant physiological background



DefiniGEN’s patient-derived custom cell model development service utilizes our proprietary OptiDIFF platform to generate highly functional terminally differentiated cells to fit client specifications. DefiniGEN can source a disease patient sample for iPSC line generation or use an existing from a range of cell banks.

Reprogramming of patient-dervied cells into terminally differentiated hepatocytes, intestinal cells and pancreatic cells


Patient Derived Cell Model Service Timeline


Service Stages 
Patient sample sourcing
3x disease patient blood/fibroblast sample from an accredited bank
iPSC generation
3x clonal lines from each donor reprogramming, screening, verification, expansion and banking
iPSC differentiation
3x small-scale OptiDIFF differentiation run of a clonal line from each donor. Multiple seeding densities to establish the optimal number of cells required for the production differentiation. Lines ranked, and the best ranked line is used in large scale production differentiation
using the OptiDIFF platform to generate a range of cell types. Large scale T-flask generation of the specified number of cells
Cryopreservation and banking
Of differentiated cell products using our proprietary cryopreservation technology
Product Validation
Post-thaw viability verification, genotype, and cell marker analysis - ship to client



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