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Driving drug development through the provision of vital preclinical human data

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DefiniGEN's Phenotypic Screening Service helps you move quickly and efficiently from screening library to promising candidates by combining our expertise at generating iPSC-derived hepatocyte cellular models of disease with our wide panel of bespoke bioassays.

We work as partners with your team to design and implement in-house screening of small molecule and RNAi/oligonucleotide therapeutics, so you can advance your program at speed.

  • Use pre-made or custom iPSC-derived hepatocyte models 
  • Advance any therapeutic modality including RNAi, small molecule, gene therapeutics
  • Quantify cell viability, proliferation, apoptosis, and more
  • Leverage our fully equipped labs and drug discovery expertise
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Why Choose DefiniGEN?

When you choose DefiniGEN's Phenotypic Screening Service, you don't just get access to extra hands and fully equipped labs, you get scientific partners with experience in different aspects of drug discovery and cell-based assays, including assay development, lead optimization, and RNAi formulation.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with your team to design studies that ensure you get the most informative and actionable data as efficiently as possible.