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MODY3 Diabetes Pancreatic Cells

MODY3 Diabetes pancreatic cells
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MODY-3 Diabetes Disease Modelled Human Pancreatic Beta Cells
(2 million cells) Viable cell count varies per lot


MODY-3 Diabetes Disease Modelled Human Pancreatic Beta Cells
(10 million cells) Viable cell count varies per lot


Pancreatic Maintenance and Thaw media additive pack

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DefiniGEN MODY3 Diabetes Disease Modelled Pancreatic Cells

DefiniGEN’s MODY3 diabetes human pancreatic cells display a mutation in the HNF1-alpha transcription factor gene specifically an insertion of C at codon 872 producing a frameshift mutation. MODY3 (also known as HNF1A-MODY) is caused by mutations in the HNF1-alpha gene which is a key regulatory transcription factor controlling the downstream regulation of multiple genes involved in the differentiation of beta cells. Gene expression analysis of key gene sets show the expected down regulation of genes including GLUT and PKLR as well as the reduction of insulin gene expression. Furthermore the developmental retardation in the disease modelled cell manifests as aberrant morphology in contrast to DefiniGEN’s isogenic wild-type control pancreatic cell products which display normal pancreatic cell morphology. These cell products can offer disease modelling and drug discovery researchers unprecedented tool for elucidating the underlying mechanisms of this MODY. Our custom services can also engineer bespoke mutations for additional forms of the eleven know types of MODY.

Product Specification

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Monogenic Diabetes (MODY3)
HNF1-alpha (heterozygous)
Disease Modelling and Drug Discovery

Def-PANC MODY3 Cell Morphology

Genetic information and phenotypic response confirm Def-PANC MODY3 cells are an effective model of Monogenic Diabetes.

Def-PANC MODY3 Cell Morphology

Figure 1. Def-PANC MODY3 cells display aberrant morphology in both monolayer and islet culture.

Disease Circuit Verification

MODY3 pancreatic disease model with mutation in HNF1-alpha transcription factor gene – insertion of C at codon 872 producing frameshift mutation – isogenic control available.

Disease Circuit Verification

Figure 2. P291 in exon 4. Insertion of C Heterozygous line available.

GLUT + PKLR Expression Analysis

GLUT + PKLR Expression Analysis

Figure 3. Heterozygous and homozygous Def-PANC MODY3 cells show progressive gene change effects in key HNF1a gene regulated genes including PKLR and GLUT-2.

Pancreatic Key Marker Analysis

Pancreatic Key Marker Analysis

Figure 4. Key marker analysis by qPCR shows reduction in key pancreatic cell markers in the Def-PANC disease models.

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