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Development of a 3D human in vitro model of pancreatic beta cell health

Type 2 diabetes is a major health issue which is characterised by the loss of pancreatic beta cell function, beta cell mass and peripheral insulin resistance. Whilst current therapies do provide some level of glycaemic control, they do not prevent the debilitating long-term consequences of the disease. In the on-going search for better treatments, there is now a real focus on strategies that aim to preserve the function of remaining beta cells or replenish beta cell mass. To support this expanding area of pharmaceutical diabetes research, this project aims to develop a human 3D in vitro model of pancreatic beta cell health/beta cell proliferation. No such commercial model currently exists. The model will be developed using Asterand Bioscience’s proprietary 3D cell culture platform in combination with. hIPSC-derived beta cells provided by DefiniGEN.