Optimized human cell products for research
and drug discovery

EBiSC: European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells

EBiSC, www.ebisc.org is Europe’s largest stem cell consortium comprising 31 partners featuring eight global pharmaceutical companies  (Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, UCB, J&J, Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and Bayer). EBiSC is designed to address the increasing demand by iPSC researchers for quality-controlled, disease-relevant research grade iPSC lines, data and cell services. Within the consortium DefiniGEN functions as the expert partner in the generation of hepatocyte cells for toxicology and disease modelling applications. Currently DefiniGEN hepatocyte cell products have improved toxicology-relevant metabolic profiles in comparison to commonly used immortalized cell lines such as HepG2 and other stem cell provider products. A phased programme of work will be undertaken to further optimize late stages of our production process to increase key metabolic functions to meet the requirements for predictive toxicity platforms which are in use in most major pharma companies (Phase 1). The Phase 2 work programme will focus on the optimization of multiple CYP450 drug-metabolizing activities in our hepatocyte cells and validation in drug-drug induction and inhibition studies with large-scale pharma compound libraries.

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