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IPSC Differentiation

Advance drug discovery with physiologically relevant human disease models

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Our iPSC Differentiation Service

With the power to deliver virtually unlimited amounts of genetically-identical, primary-like human cells, iPSCs are an exciting technology. They open the door to more physiologically relevant models of human disease than animal cell-based models, and enable highly reproducible results by removing donor-to-donor variability. But differentiating iPSCs into target cells can be challenging, which is why many labs turn to DefiniGEN. 

At DefiniGEN, we have transformed the "difficult" into the "routine" and have successfully differentiated multiple iPSC lines into a range of target cell types that fully recapitulate the mature cell phenotype. Whatever cell type your project needs, even if it's one of the more difficult targets like hepatocytes or pancreatic cells, DefiniGEN has the expertise to quickly deliver. 

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Significantly Higher
differentiation success rates compared to standard protocols
8 - 10 Weeks
typical turnaround time for our differentiation projects
7+ Years
of successfully completed projects
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Why choose DefiniGEN?

Our iPSC differentiation services deliver high-quality bespoke cell models, especially in support of metabolic and rare disease projects. Our workflow includes everything from sourcing to differentiation to validation and more, and each service is fully customized to meet your specific project's needs. 

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Our Services are tailored to scientists who...

  • Want rapid turnaround and high quality
  • Want to work with human cell models for increased fidelity
  • Don't want to rely on primary cells because of time constraints
  • Work with difficult-to-model diseases

Frequently Asked Questions

iPSC Differentiation

  • We work as a research partner offering collaborative services. We offer bi-weekly calls with our clients and interim emails with project reports. Our team is always available to provide technical support which can include experimental design and training on best practices for handling cells. Contact us today >

  • To generate a quote, we need your name, the name of your organization, your email address and details on the gene, mutation of interest, and cell type to edit. We also recommend contacting our team to go through project requirements in more detail. Contact us today >