Opti-HEPs: Advanced Toxicology

Discover DefiniGEN's game-changing platform for in vitro ADME and toxicology screening.

In the early stages of drug discovery, in vitro models play a crucial role in generating clinically relevant data, expediting the progress of potential therapeutics into clinical trials. However, and despite the careful approaches taken during drug development, most therapeutics still fail to reach clinical trials due to the lack of translatability between pre-clinical models and the clinic.

Primary human hepatocytes (PHH) and hepatocellular cancer cells are the current pre-clinical in vitro models used, however, they come with limitations. DefiniGEN’s highly characterised human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived hepatocytes (Opti-HEP) overcome these limitations, now offering a sustainable in vitro platform for ADME and toxicology screening.

Learn about Opti-HEP functionality and how they predict hepatotoxicity.