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iPSC Derived Hepatocytes

DefiniGEN’s induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) differentiation platform generates high quality wild-type and disease cell models. We can produce mature hepatocytes which recapitulate a range of disease phenotypes. We provide off-the-shelf iPSC derived hepatocytes, but we also offer the ability to model various diseases.

Our hepatocytes are highly functional human hepatocyte cells which have normal genetics (wild type donor + karotype verified). The cells display the functional characteristics of primary human hepatocytes including: albumin production, A1AT secretion, glycogen storage, CYP450 expression.



DefiniGEN Hepatocyte Models

Hepatocyte WT        Hepatocyte NAFLD    Hepatocyte A1ATD      Hepatocyte GSD1a       Hepatocyte FH


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