Shaping the Future of Liver Research and Toxicology

Fully functional iPSC-derived hepatocyte models (Opti-HEP) for generating pre-clinical human data

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DefiniGEN / Mon, Jun 3, 2024
DefiniGEN and Atelerix collaborate to ship in vitro cell models internationally without the need for freezing or cryopreservation

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Gene Therapy Potency Assay Summit 2024
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Enabling cures for liver disease through highly predictive in vitro modeling

We generate high-quality, phenotypically relevant disease modeled hepatocytes that can be utilized to screen compounds.

Disease Modeling

DefiniGEN's platform technology enables the generation of predictive and phenotypically relevant iPSC-derived human disease models for a wide range of metabolic and liver diseases which can be produced at scale.

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Profiling Molecules

Combine our expertise at generating iPSC-derived hepatocyte disease models with our wide panel of bespoke bioassays. We work as partners with your team to design and implement in-house screening of small molecules and advanced genetic therapies, so you can advance your program at speed.

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Specialist CRO focused on delivering liver and metabolic disease models

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Highly Predictive

Opti-HEPs successfully recapitulate key aspects of disease pathophysiology across a wide-range of conditions that affect different aspects of liver function.

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DefiniGEN’s proprietary differentiation protocol permits large-scale generation of hepatocyte-like cells with field leading purity and functionality.

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Optimized Bioassay Development

Optimized bioassays that can accurately evaluate compound potency, efficacy and delivery.

Scientific expertise

Advance your scientific discoveries with our tailored disease modeling products and services.