Professor Ludovic Vallier - CSO

Professor Ludovic Vallier

Chief Scientific Officer

Ludovic is a DefiniGEN founder and he directs the development of our proprietary technology platform OptiDIFF. The platform integrates the reprogramming of patient sample to generate iPSC, CRISPR-mediated generation of disease and isogenic iPSC lines, and their optimized differentiation to produce metabolic disease cell models. Ludovic has advanced the state of the art regarding the use of iPSC as an in vitro model of development through research undertaken at the University of Cambridge in his role as Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells. Ludovic has also published multiple high impact factor articles on iPSCs for modelling liver diseases and cell-based therapy applications and he is Director of the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre hIPSCs core facility.

Professor Ludovic Vallier, Chief Scientific Officer of DefiniGEN