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Achieve success faster with DefiniGEN's industry-leading OptiDIFF iPSC platform

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Scalable and fast, DefiniGEN's proprietary OptiDIFF iPSC platform delivers differentiated iPS cells that fully recapitulate the mature cell phenotype for even the most difficult targets like hepatocytes and pancreatic cells.

Our technology is built on the ground-breaking work of DefiniGEN Chief Scientific Officer Ludovic Vallier, PhD., a professor at the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, and achieves speed and success from a combination of workflow optimizations and in-house expertise.

Significantly higher
differentiation success rates compared to standard protocols
8 - 10 Weeks
typical turnaround time for our differentiation projects
7+ Years
of successfully completed projects

The difference in the OptiDIFF workflow

Every differentiation project begins with donor material sourcing and includes reprogramming into iPSCs, optional CRISPR genome editing, and differentiation into the target cell types.

What makes the OptiDIFF iPSC Platform different from other approaches is our proprietary differentiation mix and the way we are able to rapidly identify the right conditions to differentiate your source cells into the desired target cell.

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