OptiDIFF iPSC Platform - Definigen
DefiniGEN Petri Dish Microscope


DefiniGEN is a leading company focused on delivering phenotypically relevant iPSC derived models

DefiniGEN scientist in lab


The company’s portfolio includes induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived human hepatocytes, intestinal organoids and pancreatic beta cells. With ground-breaking technology, DefiniGEN’s mission is to develop, produce and commercialize highly-predictive human cell disease models to improve the safety and efficacy process of testing drugs which will help accelerate research during the candidate drug selection process, improve attrition and ultimately reduce costs.

OptiDIFF technology platform

DefiniGEN’s proprietary core optiDIFF technology is a world-leading production platform designed to generate mature, primary-like human endoderm cell types from iPSC. Our scalable process supports preclinical research through the provision of mature human cells including hepatocytes, pancreatic beta cells and intestinal cells.

DefiniGEN platform technology

The iPSC platform uses GMP-compatible defined conditions which enable the exquisite quantitative and temporal process control required to produce standardized populations of terminally differentiated cell products.