Advance your candidate

program at speed

Through the provision of phenotypically relevant human data

Leverage our drug discovery expertise


DefiniGEN's Phenotypic Screening Service helps you move quickly and efficiently from screening library to promising candidates by combining our expertise at generating iPSC-derived hepatocyte cellular models of disease with our wide panel of bespoke bioassays.


We work as partners with your team to design and implement in-house screening of small molecules, RNAi/oligonucleotide therapeutics, AAVs and virtually any modality so you can advance your program at speed.

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Why choose DefiniGEN?


When you choose DefiniGEN's efficacy screening services, you don't just get access to extra hands and fully equipped labs, we become your scientific partners providing experience in many aspects of the drug discovery process and cell-based assays, including assay development, lead optimization, and RNAi formulation. We aim to work with your team collaboratively to ensure that you get the most informative and actionable data as efficiently as possible.


Advance any therapeutic modality

RNAi therapeutics, small molecules, gene therapeutics



Experts in gene therapy

We have 7+ years of successfully completed projects that we continue to build on



Bespoke modelling services available

Use pre-made or custom iPSC-derived hepatocyte models to fit your project specific requirements



Optimized Bioassay development

Quantify cell viability, proliferation, apoptosis and more. Leverage our fully equipped labs and drug discovery expertise


In-house drug screening platform capabilities, advancing your programme at speed

Using our OptiDIFF platform technology alongside CRISPR gene-editing capabilities, we can generate a wide range of disease models to support hit to lead compound profiling initiatives.


And, of course you get access to our proprietary OptiDIFF platform, which is well known for generating iPSC-derived models for even "difficult" target cell types such as hepatocytes, intestinal cells and organoids.



  • Flow cytometers

    Confocal microscopes

  • Fluorescence intensity (incl. FRET)

  • Fluorescence polarization,

  • Luminescence (flash and glow) - incl. BRET,

  • Time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET,

  • UV/vis absorbance spectra

    qPCR profiling




Phenotypic Assays

  • Cell viability

  • LDH (cell death/ cytotoxicity)

  • Reactive oxygen species assay

  • PAS/Diastase staining

  • BODIPY fatty acid accumulation

  • Copper accumulation

  • FOCI A1AT assay

Project workflow

In-house drug screening platform capabilities

Move even faster by screening your candidates on our already built and ready-to-use validated models.


Let’s work together.

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